alexis_bellAbout Alexis

I love InfoPath.

SharePoint Designer workflows drive me crazy … but in a good way … usually.

I am a Senior SharePoint Analyst with Merrill Corporation in St. Paul. I have been using SharePoint for 10 years and her first experience was in 2007 while a Project Coordinator Consultant at Target. The program team I was working with was instructed to only use SharePoint 2003 for their program/sub-projects … and she would be the admin even though she had never used SharePoint before. Shortly after the team started using 2003, we migrated them to 2007. Her previous company (Buffalo Wild Wings) was using SharePoint 2010 and at Merrill I had the joy of using 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint online concurrently. (Once she had SharePoint Designer 2007, 2010 and 2013 open at once – all being actively used!) She is also a member of the Office 365 team at Merrill; she helped plan and host their Office 365 Awareness Fair and will also be helping with continued user adoption efforts. I recently finished migrating their sites from 2007 to SharePoint Online using Sharegate (LOVE Sharegate!). Her passion is to help business users improve their current processes to improve productivity, and if she gets to use InfoPath even better!

Part of the huge SharePoint community in Minneapolis, MN – Minnesota SharePoint User Group (MNSPUG) and Minnesota Women in SharePoint (MNWiSP – co-founder (2014) and co-leader until through 2016).

Speaker at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities April 2016.

profile for Alexis at SharePoint Stack Exchange, Q&A for SharePoint enthusiasts


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